Entwined Trunks -  Nancy Falconi Fine Art Photography

Entwined Trunks - Nancy Falconi Fine Art Photography

Elephants have an undeniable connection to humans; they exhibit emotional intelligence and behaviours not typically observed in the animal kingdom.  

Elephants are called ‘human animals’ due to several attributes that set them apart:

  • a long life span,
  • demonstrate high levels of intelligence,
  • have close family bonds,
  • and emotional attachment. 

Elephants are expressive creatures; they are capable of expressing joy, love, anger, grief, compassion, love. When I was in Tanzania I observed elephants entwining trunks, in the most touching display of affection that would consist of touching, caressing and lovingly greeting each other.  It appeared to me , that they were even smiling on several occasions. 

 “An Indian elephant is said sometimes to weep.” Charles Darwin

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