What I remember most from the trip to Africa

What I remember most from the trip to Africa

It was a painting of a zebra in an art gallery in Aurora, Ontario that planted the seed in me to go to Africa to capture wildlife.  The idea of photographing wildlife consumed me.  

 To my amazement not long after that opening night in an art gallery I found myself taking a trip to Africa.  I snapped more amazing pictures than I could remember.  Each day filling me with a sense of inspiration and joy. 

 But that is not what I remember most about the trip…


I experienced a surreal moment one evening in my lodge in the Serengeti.

Serengeti, Africa lodge

I was staying at a small lodge in Africa lying in bed and remember hearing a strange noise coming from directly outside my window…

My curiosity got the better of me as I got up and slowly peeled back the curtains…

….. I could not believe what I saw right outside my window.

I was standing face to face with a zebra… so close I could’ve touched him if it weren't for the window separating us.  

It always sounds funny when I try to  describe the moment through writing ( I can describe what happened much better in -person)…

It was hard to fall back asleep that night, wondering about the significance of the zebra encounter. 

I did capture many images of zebras on this trip and have turned many into paintings. 

I thank zebras for showing me the importance of being true to yourself when the pressures of conforming to the  herd are so strong. 

 My room was on the left side. The Zebra was right beside the chair in the front sitting area staring into my window at me.  Serengeti lodge accommodations

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