Trust and Sanctuary

Trust and Sanctuary


This collection of photography based, encaustic paintings are based on images I took in locations across Tanzania, Africa and focuses on the interactions between various herds of elephants. 

Fine Art Wildlife Photography by Nancy Falconi

Elephant herds consist of mainly females, a matriarchal head - mother, sisters, daughters and their calves.  Females live in these tightly bonded family structures and stay together for life, whereas the males for the most part live a solitary existence.  A herd can consist of anywhere from 3-25 elephants. 

Elephants maintain close, supportive relations, between generations. 

They form very special bonds within their herd as a result of their long life together.  Their families are only separated by death or capture.  The trust and sanctuary that results from close family ties is evident within the interactions of the herd.

The full collection of images raises the questions what could we learn from the daily interactions of elephant communities?



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